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CareerGate is a job and a thesis collaboration portal for CBS’ students and recent graduates. You can create your own personal profile to brand yourself to future employers and stay updated on relevant jobs and internships. You can also find project collaboration as well as graduate programmes.

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CBS offers online webinars, seminar and events in collaboration with our partnerscontinuously.

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Missing normal life at CBS?

We are all trying to navigate in this new everyday life managing both studies and spare time at home. CBS’ student counsellors at have gathered their best advice on good student life during lockdown. You can also find contact details of the Student Hub if you have questions about your studies, such as thesis, exams or exchange.

See 12 ways you can keep your student life on track during the lockdown
Questions about your studies

Are you a soon-to-be graduate?

If you are soon-to-be graduate student, our overall recommendation to you is to do the same things as you would have done before COVID-19 but just in a different way now due to the current situation. We have gathered a few recommendations for you who is soon-to-be an alum from CBS.

Read our recommendations for soon-to-be graduates