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L'Oréal Nordic

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L’Oréal has a strong legacy in sustainability. Balancing our success as a company with the needs of society as a whole has always been part of the way we do business. In recent years, we have built on that legacy, integrating the principles of sustainable development into our business model and preparing our company to meet today’s social, environmental and economic challenges.

- Jean-Paul Agon, CEO L'Oréal

Sharing Beauty With All

As part of L’Oréal’s sustainability programme, Sharing Beauty With All, launched in 2013, the Group set itself a series of tangible commitments towards 2020. They address all its impacts and engage its whole value chain – from product design to distribution, including the production process and the sourcing of raw materials. These commitments are organised into four pillars: innovating sustainably, producing sustainably, living sustainably and sharing growth with employees, suppliers and the communities with which L’Oréal interacts.

The L'Oréal Sustainability Commitment 2020

Key figures

  • L’Oréal has reduced the CO2 emissions of its plants and distribution centres by 77%, in absolute terms, compared to 2005, while increasing its production volume by 38% in the same period
  • 79% of products launched in 2018 have an improved social or environmental profile. Each time a product is created or renovated, its contribution to sustainability is now taken into account, in addition to its performance and profitability
  • Our 2020 goal for the number of people from underprivileged communities who have gained access to employment through one of L’Oréal’s programmes is to reach 100,000 people
  • In 2019, for the fourth year in a row, L’Oréal was awarded a triple ‘A’ CDP ranking, the highest score possible, on the three key topics of climate protection, managing water sustainably and preventing deforestation. The Group is the only company to have obtained the triple ‘A’ score, three years running
  • 48% decrease in water consumption at plants and distribution centers since 2005 (in litre/finished product)

L'Oréal's contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The L’Oréal Group contributes to 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015.