Strategy, Business or Brand Development - Master Thesis / Project / Internship at HYDAC

Posted 5 days ago

Lets change the industry!

In an international, small and agile development team, we have been given green light to implement and develop new technologies and innovations globally. In the team we have decided to use this opportunity to make a difference that matters.

That is why we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: We want to change the entire industry to be sustainable! And we do this in direct collaboration with several high end clients.

We are working intraprenuial within a large global organistion and have spent the last year developing our business unit as well as offerings to customers. We do so by integration of a variety of modern technologies enabled by cloud solutions.

We are always looking for the sharpest brains and talent within the area of business development, strategy, brand & communication development and creative areas as UI/UX.

If you think working with an exciting team with global impact as well having the freedom to choose your tasks, you are the right person we are looking for. You will have direct influence on the decisions we take.

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