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ISMILE - Innovative sustainable urban last mile: small vehicles and business models at Copenhagen Business School

The project purpose is to increase sustainability in urban last mile deliveries by understanding how innovations in urban last-mile may reduce the negative effects of e-commerce and at the same time create world-class delivery services for consumers.

The amount of E-commerce with a high degree of individual deliveries has increased tremendously during the COVID19 crisis. This is adding to the urban congestion and CO2 emissions in cities with loss of quality of life as a result.

However, distribution of goods in cities are vital for its inhabitants. This project investigates stakeholders’ motivation for implementing sustainable last-mile distribution forms, such as small electric vehicles, in urban settings.

Important stakeholders are retailers, restaurants and manufacturers (shippers), logistics service providers, consumers and municipalities.

For further information please contact supervisor Prof. Britta Gammelgaard at e-mail

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