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Managing the transitioning into sustainable procurement at Copenhagen Business School

The overall purpose of the project is to assist Danish companies in developing capabilities to transition their current procurement practices into higher levels of sustainable procurement practices.

This is achieved by engaging with companies from different industries in the private- and public sector to identify the factors that constrain these companies in transitioning towards higher levels of sustainable procurement.

Reducing climate change is on the top of large Danish companies’ agenda. For global companies, as many of them are, it is necessary to include the suppliers and their entire supply chains in these efforts.

Here Strategic Procurement plays a pivotal role. However, today sustainability is most often an “add on” to other aspects of procurement in both theory and practice. Therefore, this project looks into necessary changes in procurement organizations to reach sustainability.

The project is particularly aiming at investigating phases of maturity towards sustainability in strategic procurement.

For further information please contact supervisor Prof. Britta Gammelgaard at e-mail

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