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What constitutes a design classic? at Copenhagen Business School

We invite you to join our research project - What constitutes a design classic?

Danish design and Scandinavian design have been marked as design with a special Nordic style. Yet, not all designs form Scandinavian has turned into a classic and stayed on the market for generations.

If we ask people, they might agree on certain designs to have the label “classic”. But there might be even more disagreement, as style, taste and aesthetic perception is not equal for all people.

So here we are having a classic research question; what constitutes a design classic?

Our research project is in need for assistants who share our interest in design. We do not limit our research to Danish or Scandinavian design, as the research can be addressed to all cultures. Therefor we need a sufficient literature search as a starting point.

From here we move on to the empirical part and will also need your help to collect data. Do you find the research project interesting, then we will like to welcome you in our Research Design Cluster at the Department of Marketing.

Please don’t hesitate asking for more insights if you need by contacting Lektor Jesper Clement at e-mail, or just sign up for an interesting collaborating with researchers.

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